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Governing  2017-18

The School Governors, also known as directors, are made up of a variety of people, including parents, who have voluntarily offered to take on a role which, today, carries a great deal of responsibility. The Headteacher/s has responsibility for the day-to-day running of the School but confers with the Governors regularly. Governors have the final responsibility for many areas of School life. All Governors serve a 4 year term of office.

Contact Mrs Joanne Arnold (Clerk to the Governing Body) at Bursar Primary Academy if you require any further information

Ms L Corry Chairperson
to be nomimated Vice-Chair Community
Mrs A Pomfret      Co-Headteacher
Mrs J Wiseman Co-Headteacher
Mrs K Vincent Staff
Mrs S G Taylor Community
vacancy Parent
Mrs H Jagger Parent
vacancy Parent
Mrs K Jackson Parent
Mrs L  Pidgen Community
Miss C Critchley Staff