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Our Mission Statement
“Learning together for a life of opportunities”

Mrs Angela Pomfret and Mrs Joanne Wiseman, as co-headteachers, welcome you to the Bursar Primary Academy website.  We hope that you will find valuable information here to support you in your child's educational journey. 

As a standalone academy, Bursar Primary Academy still fully supports the broad educational aims put forward by the Local Education Authority. 

In addition, we have aims that are particular to our academy, our parents and our pupils and which are high on our list of priorities.

These are to:

  • provide a safe and welcoming environment for pupils, parents and the wider community
  • lay particular emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, setting expectations which are realistic yet challenging
  • develop an enthusiasm for learning which develops an enquiring and creative approach and fosters each pupil's self-esteem
  • promote caring and tolerant behaviour towards fellow pupils and every area of our Community