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Everything we know about the move from Bursar Street to Clee Road,Cleethorpes, North East Lincs, DN35 9LQ




(regular updates as we know them)

The History

Bursar has been a school on this site on Bursar Street since 1902 so both the building and the memories that people have are historic!  In 2005 there was a threat to close the school in its entirety due to low primary numbers in Cleethorpes.  Neighbours, parents and staff 'rallied round' and a case to keep the school open was heard by the council and the school remained open as we know it. 

Lately the primary numbers in Cleethorpes and in areas around Grimsby have grown and are predicted to keep growing creating pressure on many schools in the area.  Families find they cannot get places in their chosen schools or sometimes cannot get places in the same school for all their children.  Schools across Cleethorpes have been expanded where possible with additional classrooms and site additions.  All schools in Cleethorpes that can be extended have been extended.  There still remains ongoing pressure for places.

Bursar Primary Academy sits on a restricted site so whilst it can grow in numbers it cannot grow without additional space.  The previously named Matthew Humberstone School became a Local Authority consideration 3 years ago and the move suggested by the Local Authority to Bursar Primary Academy for a few reasons: