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What are the main questions that we have been asked?  

When will the move take place?

Ideally the move will be in the summer holidays and the pupils will leave for their summer break in July 2018 and return to the new building in September 2018 ready for the beginning of the academic year.

Are the uniforms going to be the same?

We really like the smart red uniforms and our logo is about Cleethorpes.  We hope when we consult with pupils that they will agree and want to keep our logo and red uniforms.

How many more classes per year will there be?

Each year from 2018 our admission number will allow 15 more pupils to join the school in early years.  This will show a year on year increase and over time the school will grow from 210 to 315 pupils.

Will there be nearby parking?

It's unlikely there will be parking in the school due to the health and safety considerations of the pupils.  As they are primary pupils there cannot be a  'secondary style' drop off or turning circle.  There appears to be parking nearby behind the school.

Will there be a bus along Clee Road?

We can ask Stagecoach and see if there is a demand for such a service.