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Key Personnel


Gavin has designed the new building. 

Key Personnel


Mick manages the site.

Internal Area

This will be cleared (apart from the trees) and be an early years and key stage one outdoor area.  Some of it will be grass, some soft pour to enable different activities to take place.  We also hope to have a vegetable growing area, perhaps some chickens!

The Hall

The hall is huge, the windows are spectacular and of course the floor will be gorgeous parquet flooring.  We will be able to hold our events here and extend the audience invitations to include more family members!

Clearing the inside

Inside walls are being removed and re-built to create our layout so much needs to be cleared away.

An entrance

This entrance will enable EY2 to go straight into their section of the building.

Another entrance

This area will be for direct EY1 (nursery) access and access to the Key Stage 2 playground at the back.

The main entrance

There will be removal of the power station to the left which will open up the area more and the original main entrance on Clee Road will be re-established.