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Recently Asked Questions about moving to the new building


  1. Will the children be able to come on their bikes/scooters?

Pupils can park their bikes and scooters in the designated areas (pods against walls and some sturdier cycle rails).  However the academy does not take any responsibility for them whilst on site and they are left at parents/carers risk.  We recommend that they are at least locked in some way.

  1. Will I be able to take a pram into school?

The Early years building has a pram park area just in the entrance before the children enter the cloakrooms.  These are on both sides – nursery and reception class.  Please leave your pram there and take your baby with you.  We want to protect the flooring that your children will sit on whilst keeping your prams dry etc.  There aren’t any pram stores outside or in any other part of the building.

  1. When can I see my child’s classroom if there isn’t a sharing time inside anymore?

You and your child/children can visit on Orientation Day – Monday 3rd September - to walk around the academy and see where their classroom is, the toilets, the hall, dining area, play areas, cloakrooms etc.  We strongly suggest that you come along on this day or your child comes along if you are not able to make it with a responsible adult to see where they are going to line up on the first day and alleviate any worries they may have.

  1. I can’t make it on orientation day as I’m working so can I visit another time?

There is an open evening very soon afterwards on Wednesday 12th September so you could see a great deal of the building then although of course some rooms will have appointments taking place in them.

You could always attend the public open day on Saturday 29th September if you are unable to come at any other time.

  1. Can I park on the school site?

There is no parking on the school site at any time for parents/carers except where prior arrangements have been made for special circumstances.  This is the norm in schools due to restrictive parking and mainly health and safety of pupils on site.

  1. Are there any visitor facilities?

There is a visitor’s toilet in the main entrance and a visitor’s toilet in the reception class entrance.  Both are accessible and the main entrance toilet area has a nappy changing facility.

  1. What time does the school open?

Breakfast club is the start of our formal day for pupils booked in to breakfast club at 8am.  Pupils will be shown the side door which will open at 8am for breakfast club.  There will be no-where inside before 8am.

The main door will open at 8am and staff will be available to answer the phone from 8am.

  1. Is there a nursery or pre-school?

We take pupils from the term after their 3rd birthday. Please enquire with the school office for information on application.

  1. Is the uniform the same?

Yes the Bursar uniform and logo has remained the same design and colour although the logo has been refined slightly and the new sweatshirts are available at Greenswear on Cleethorpes High Street.  There is no problem with pupils continuing to wear the older version until they grow out of these items – the difference is very small.

  1. Is there an area to wait if I arrive before 8.45 am or 3.05pm? 

There isn’t a seated waiting area as our main office is a reception area only.  We ask that you don’t gather here to ensure that visitors and parents have some privacy whilst making their enquiries at the school office.  Pupils will enter the building from all sides so we suggest that you wait nearest your child’s entry door both in the morning and at the end of the day.  This is where their teacher will be from 8.45 am before the bell goes at 8.55 to enter the building with the staff.  The gates will then be closed until 3.05pm. 


We are happy to answer any further questions either at the orientation day or as they occur.