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Reasons why Bursar Primary Academy is moving ...

Firstly - Bursar Primary Academy is land locked and doesn't have a playing field for sport.  This is a disadvantage for pupils in this school and has always been a request of the school's should a field be available. The new building has ample land for playing fields, dedicated playgrounds for early years, key stage 1 and for key stage 2.  There is even potential for hard pitches at a later date should funding be available.

Secondly, room space in the building is restricted and the hall 'doubles up' as a dining room meaning that PE times are short and rigorously timetabled to ensure tables can be set up for lunch and put down again after lunch.

We struggle for spaces for our music - to store and perform our violins and our drums and the new building will have a dedicated music space.

Our outdoor classroom for early years will be much larger.   Specialist group rooms for SEN pupils will be available.   We will be able to adapt and grow into the building over time.

We worry about the very existence of Bursar Primary Academy going forward if new premises attract pupils as we have seen our numbers fall due to our 'catchment area' having more modern school facilities elsewhere and our local housing becoming 'contractor' housing and losing families who rent elsewhere.