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Academy Uniform

Our uniform has stayed the same (new sweatshirts have a slightly enhanced logo)  in September 2018.

Academy uniform with the Academy logo is available from Greenswear on the High Street in Cleethorpes either in stock or to order. We have outsourced the uniform for parental convenience as they are open daily including Saturdays and of course during the holidays 9 am - 5pm. We would be especially grateful for your support in encouraging all children to wear the school sweatshirt or polo shirt. We find uniform encourages pride in the Academy. We think that the bright colours help to make school feel a warm, welcoming place.

Academy colours are red, white and grey/black. The children are proud of their school colours and they look both attractive and neat. Visitors often comment! We would be grateful if you continue to support us by using academy colours.

SHORTS/leggings ARE REQUIRED FOR INDOOR PE. Sandshoes or trainers may be required during the summer term and a swimming costume and towel will be required in Year 4.

Outdoor PE kit can be PLAIN long tracksuit bottoms/leggings, jackets, gloves/hats. We happily accept pupils wearing leggings or cycling shorts and encourage these in the summer during competitive games.. Longer wear offers some protection in the event of a fall.