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Our Library

The library is situated opposite the office. We have an excellent selection of story and non-fiction books to encourage reading as a fun, enjoyable activity. We have an electronic borrowing system which also helps to develop literacy and information technology skills. We also have weekly copies of the children's newspaper 'First News'.

The library is wireless and pupils can use the ipods, ipads and laptops for research.

Every child can change their library book as often as they wish. Children are able to change library books during school hours: Librarians are available to help younger children change books at playtime each morning and again at selected times with their class. Mrs Stansfield is available until 3.55 pm some evenings to enable parents to select books with their children. Book bags are available and we ask parents to encourage children to look after books, especially with the current high cost of replacing them.

Our Micro Librarian computer system shows which pupils in each year group have borrowed and returned books. It also tells us how many times pupils have borrowed a book. If a child's book has not been returned for awhile, you may get a reminder to return it to school, so that another pupil can borrow it.

If more than one book is lost we are obliged to charge as the cost of replacing books is prohibitive.