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EY1 Spring Term Gallery

Come and have a look at what we have been busy doing this term. 


As it started to snow, we got our coats on and went out to catch the snowflakes. Some of us caught them in our hands and others even managed to catch one on their tongue. It was great fun!

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted our own bean seeds and talked about what plants need to grow. We will be watching our beans carefully as they grow. We hope they don't have giants living at the top. 

Number Formation 

This term, we are learning to write our numbers 0-9 correctly. Here you can see us having a go at writing number 1 on paper. We have been using a song to help us remember how to write each number. We form the letter in the air with our finger before trying to write it on paper. 

Here is the song if you would like to have a go at home

Safer Internet Day

On 'Safer Internet Day' we shared a story about Smartie the Penguin. We talked about how Smartie could make sure he was safe when playing games on his tablet. We learnt that if something pops up that we are not sure about or someone is being unkind to us on the internet then me must 'Stop, Think and Tell Someone'. We helped Smartie to make sure that he made the right choices to ensure he was safe when using the internet. 

Here is the link to the website if you would like to share this story again with your child at home:

After reading Rapunzel, we had a go at baking carrot and nutmeg cookies from 'Bake me a Story' by Nadiya Hussain. We all helped to grate the carrot, weigh and mix the ingredients together. Once they were baked we enjoyed trying them during circle time with a drink of milk or water.  

We have been reading the fairytale Snow White and we baked apple crumble. We all helped to chop the apples, then measure and mix the ingredients to make the crumble topping. When it was cooked we sat together to try the delicious pudding we had cooked.