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Basic Skills Book


Homework should be completed in the Basic Skills Book. The book needs to be taken home and brought to back to school each day.

Homework is given out on a Monday and needs to be returned to school by Friday.



The children are given 4 new spellings weekly. They need to practise these in their Basic Skills Book using the look, copy, cover, write and check method. They are also tested on 2 'mystery' words that the children haven't learnt that week but they will follow a spelling pattern the children will have been learning in Phonics.

The children are expected to read and spell all the Year 1 Common Exception Words by the end of the Year 1.

Phonics - Letters and Sounds

In daily Letters and Sounds phonics sessions we learn how to read and spell Phase 5 words. We practise segmenting and blending the sounds to make real and nonsense words.

Here are websites of phonics games you can play at home.



Reading regularly at home is vital to ensure your child can reads to the expected standard.


The children in Year 1 are expected to read at home every night for at least 10 minutes. The parent/carer then records in the home reading record that their child has read. Every night a child reads at home they earn 'nights' towards reading certificates and badges.

Please see the reading display in the classroom.


In Year 1 pupils are expected to know how to count in multiples of 2,5,and 10 - practising daily by chanting will help your child greatly.