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We have purchased a range of study guides and practice books to support Year 6 in the lead up to the Key Stage 2 SATS tests in May. Children will be set specific pages to complete each night which offers a great variety of practice questions children may come across similar style questions in their SATS. 

We ask that children take care of these books and bring them into school each day as we will be using them through the coming months in school as well as at home. 

Although homework is not compulsory, and there will be no school consequence if your child does not complete them, we kindly ask that you encourage your child by providing time, and support, to complete the set activities each day to ensure they have the best possible opportunity when completing their SATS. 

As well as this, children have been given a list with a variety of websites which they may find useful when revising. Some of these websites are games which help them consolidate skills, revision pages or sample questions. 

Useful websites for revision

  • BBC bitesize covers the key aspects of the curriculum using fun games and quizzes!

  • IXL maths and English allows you to explore SATs style questions preparing your for the style of questions you might see in the SATS

  • Crickweb has a lot of literacy games to improve SPAG, reading and writing.

  • Look, cover, write spellings! You can insert your weekly spelling list into the game and practise your spellings!

  • Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules. 

  • A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.

  • Maths and SPAG mats to help you with what you need to know!

  • Choose any aspect of year 6 maths to practise by playing games!