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EY1 Summer Term Gallery

Come and look at what we have been busy doing during Summer Term.

Royal Wedding

In EY1 we watched the highlights from the Royal Wedding and then had our own celebrations. We made and decorated crowns, coloured flags to wave, decorated biscuits and made cucumber sandwiches for our own wedding teaparty. We recreated our own Wedding Ceremony, where Prince Harry married Meghan. We also decorated our very own wedding cake. 

Caterpillars to Butterflies - Right before our very eyes!!

We have been learning about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. We watched the caterpillars eat, spin silk and grow before changing into chrysalides. After, a few days we moved the chrysalides into the butterfly habitat. We then had to wait for the magical moment of emergence.When the butterflies emerged they were fed - apples, oranges, bananas and nectar before they were set free.