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Big Maths is used to help children become numerate. Problem solving and word problems cannot be solved until the children can manipulate numbers and understand how the number system works.The children have CLIC sessions, CLIC stands for Counting, Learn Its, It's Nothing New and Calculations. There is a strong emphasis on developing instant recall of number facts including number bonds to 10 and timetables. CLIC and Learn Its timed challenges are completed weekly. The children aim to improve their score each time. The children are introduced to the BIG MATHS characters who help them with different ares of Maths.


Numicon helps the child to develop the understanding and skills that underpin the understanding of number. We use Numicon in a variety of ways within a maths lesson to help children understand number. 

 - Number bonds to 10 and 20

 - Doubling Numbers

 - Addition and Subtraction

 - Odd and Even Numbers