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EY1 Home Learning

Homework in Early Years is predominantly play based. We encourage children to listen to stories, choose and enjoy books and sing number rhymes. You could play games that encourage and support this type of learning e.g. I-Spy, Bingo. Count with your child at every opportunity, play games that involve counting to 10, look at and name shapes around us.

Children will bring home a variety of picture books, reading books and sharing books. Try to spend ten minutes each day reading or sharing the book together.Our morning Sharing Time in class is a great opportunity to read a book with your child

Children will also bring home a piece of practical home learning each week, along with the equipment needed to complete the task. Each task is aimed to develop different skills which will all be of great benefit to your child in preparation for entry into Early Years 2. All the activities will be suitable for your child to complete independently, but they may also be shared with an adult.