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Parent Sharing Times

Come and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and biscuit at one of our ‘Parent Sharing Times’.  The sessions provide opportunities to discuss and share ways in which you can support your child’s learning.  The Parent Sharing Times last approximately 15-30minutes; there is always an opportunity to ask questions and speak to the class teacher.  Over time the meetings will evolve, so that we can includeinclude information and strategies to support you in answer to some of your queries and concerns. 


We understand that due to other commitments some of you may not be able to attend all of the Sharing Times, so we will ensure an overview from each session is sent home.  The session overviews can also be downloaded using the links below. Please approach Miss Critchley in the morning, before registration or at the end of the day, if you require further information and clarification regarding the overview. 


We really appreciate your feedback after each session!  If you've not already filled out a feedback form, please complete one and return it to Miss Critchley or the school office.  Thank you.


Our First Sharing Time: TBA

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A sign-up sheet will be posted outside the classroom; it would be really helpful if you could indicate if you will be attending so that we have adequate refreshments.


We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible; learning works best when we are a partnership.