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Phonics Screening Check

In June all Year 1 pupils take the Phonics Screening Check. This is an individual check to assess phonics skills and knowledge learned through Early Years and Year 1.

It checks that your child can:

  • Sound out and blend sounds to read simple words.
  • Read one-syllable and 2 syllable words, e.g. cat, sand, windmill.
  • Read a selection of nonsense words, e.g. brip, snorb.

Your child will sit in a quiet place with the teacher. The check will take about 10 minutes. Children are rewarded for their effort.

After the check period of time, when the results have been submitted, the government release the pass mark. Children need to read most of the words to pass. 

We will share your child's progress with you throughout the year. Please ask Mrs Lee if you have any concerns.