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Regular reading practise is vital in Year 1. During this year the children learn how to sound out the 44 sounds in Phase 2 and 3, practise them in Phase 4, then learn more sounds in Phase 5. Pupils learn to read them in words, phrases and sentences. We use a reading scheme called 'Phonics Bug'.

We use a technique called 'segmenting and blending' to sound out then put the sounds together. Daily practise helps the children to recognise the sounds and read words containing those sounds through whole class, group and individual teaching. We read real and 'nonsense' words in games, activities and stories.

Please see the Phonics Screening Check page to find out more.

All children have a copy of the same book which accompanies our cross-curricular learning. We ask questions to help the children understand the book and practise their comprehension skills. The books are chosen to encourage an enjoyment of reading

Please see the Overview page to find out more.