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Spring Term - Buildings and Structures

This half term we will be kicking off our new topic by enjoying the book: The London Eye Mystery. Children will begin their topic by exploring London and it's location in the UK. As well as this, children will explore the iconic landmarks of London which we may come across in our reading book to enable them to have a deeper understanding of what they are reading. 

Furthermore, by exploring fair grounds and their structures, we will also be investigating forces and energy that affect how things behave and how we perceieve things. We will find out about these physcial processes and understand them with relevance to our everyday lives - understanding how the London Eye works and other interesting rides we may find at fairs! 

As well as this, children will become junior architects and will be exploring the important and iconic buildings and structures around the globe and understand how these structures have developed and changed. Once they have gathered information about these famous landmarks, children will have a go at creating their very own!

Autumn Term - Space

Our topic this term is Space!

Journey through the Solar System and learn fascinating facts about all the planets through exploration and our reading book 'George's Secret Key to the Universe.' 

Once you have discovered as much as you can about the planets that inhabit our solar system, start to explore which planet could be suitable for human life - this planet: Mars.

Explore it's atmosphere, it's weather and geographical features and design and create a buggy fit for travel over its rocky terrain. 

Once you've settled in, sit back and relax by enjoying our next science fiction book - Phoeonix by SF Said.