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Useful Websites for Revision and Preparation for the SATs


  • BBC bitesize covers the key aspects of the curriculum using fun games and quizzes!


  • IXL maths and English allows you to explore SATs style questions preparing your for the style of questions you might see in the SATS


  • Crickweb has a lot of literacy games to improve SPAG, reading and writing.


  • Look, cover, write spellings! You can insert your weekly spelling list into the game and practise your spellings!


  • Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules.


  • A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.


  • Maths is fun is really handy for tips on how to complete arithmetic – it’s a very useful guide for revision if you can’t remember how to do something!


  • Choose any aspect of year 6 maths to practise by playing games!


  • Spelling frame – this website includes spelling practise for all spellings – both statutory and the example words – from the National Curriculum for Spelling for Year 2 to Year 6: