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Key Stage 2

Throughout Key Stage Two at Bursar Primary Academy, we use the National Curriculum to ensure that in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children are taught within the required age related expectations, with support and opportunities made available for catch-up and keep-up if necessary. At Bursar Primary Academy, we use our own assessment tool to inform our teacher assessments, as well as Rising Starts progress tests termly to underpin and ensure achievement for all.

Our weekly routines include opportunities to participate in a wide variety of lessons; Maths (arithmetic and reasoning), English (reading- choral, guided, sustained, independent, reading for pleasure, 1:1; spelling, punctuation and grammar), P.E. (including lessons supported by professional sports coaches from Grimsby Town Football in the Community), French (lessons taught by our native French teacher ), Enrichment (including Art, Dance, Library) and our Foundation Subjects are interwoven through cross-curricular opportunities using the International Primary Curriculum and the Power of Reading scheme.

In English, our learning is immersed through a carefully chosen age related text. This enables us to provide powerful opportunities to respond to the text, including role-play, drama, hot-seating, writing in role and in-depth read and response activities. Throughout the use of our specifically selected text, we are able to creatively and imaginatively create bespoke opportunities to teach and apply the age related expectations in spelling, punctuation and grammar through a well-known context.

In Maths, our primary focus is arithmetic- calculation and number skills. Our tailored lesson structure allows us to provide opportunities to learn and apply new skills through the use of Mastery and Mastery at Greater Depth challenges. This allows our children to apply their arithmetic skills to a deeper context, promoting their reasoning and problem solving skills. Children are taught within small groups, all having an opportunity for adult support throughout the lesson at some point. Our Maths lessons also provide continual chances to recap and revise previously taught skills (simmering skills) to address any misconceptions and allow children time to rehearse and revisit these essential skills. The use of Numicon is also used widely across Key Stage Two to allow practical investigation and concrete clarification.

KS2 National Curriculum

The documents attached below are based on the National Curriculum and show expectations in year 3 - 6  in English and Maths.