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You are invited to wear non-uniform on your actual birthday!

It's sometimes not very nice to have to come to school on your special day.  Some children prefer to be doing something else and we understand that.  But, to encourage children to WANT to come to school on their birthday we have invited them to come 'dressed up' in their favourite clothes.  This ensures that staff and pupils wish them Happy Birthday.  If it's an assembly we sing to them and make a fuss.  Pupils really look forward to it.

There will always be children who never get chance to come to school in non-uniform to celebrate their birthday.  Those pupils are lucky to have been born in the holidays and of course some years birthdays fall at the weekends.  We ask that you don't let your child come in non-uniform unless it is their actual birthday to ensure it's a special 'one day only' treat.

Thank you.