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Absence from the academy in term time

Attendance is tracked for all pupils daily, weekly and termly as good attendance is closely linked to the outcome of good progress.

Pupils with attendance below 90% are classed as PA pupils - Persistent absentees and parents are requested to  engage with the academy to improve their child's attendance.

It is therefore discouraged that leave is taken during term time, even for a few days as this coupled with the inevitable short illnesses that most pupils have during the year can easily affect pupils attendance to below 90%.

Family holidays are not authorised and  fines are a sanction for unauthorised holidays.  This is £60 per pupil per parent.  The fine comes from the local authority although the Academy follows strict regulations regarding sanctioning them.  Headteacher's are not permitted to grant holiday leave except in exceptional circumstances.  To clarify these exceptional circumstances are not classed as family holidays for weddings or due to rota work commitments. 

If you do require that your child has leave for EXCEPTIONAL  circumstances then please complete the attached form and send to the academy.  It may be considered by governors and leave authorised it the criteria is met.