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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Mrs Jay is our SENDCO
We are an inclusive academy with high aspirations and expectations for all our pupils. We strongly believe that all children are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they can achieve their best, become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and we strive to provide the initial building blocks that lead the child towards a successful adulthood.

What is SEND?

The Code of Practice 2014 states that;

‘A pupil has SEND where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, namely provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.’

There are four broad areas of need:

Ø Communication and interaction.

Ø Cognition and learning.

Ø Social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Ø Sensory and/or physical needs.

At Bursar Primary Academy, we do not try and fit a pupil into a category but use purposeful identification and assessment strategies to decide what action we need to take. Quite often, individual children have needs that fit into more than one area and their needs can change over time. We endeavour to fully understand the child’s strengths and needs and seek to address them all using appropriate interventions/equipment etc. to target their areas of difficulty.

Occasionally a child may have difficulties with learning or may not make the progress we hope for. At Bursar Primary Academy this will trigger a graduated response to support individual pupil needs. This includes Quality First Teaching (QTF), direct teacher intervention, differentiation and possibly the use of additional resources, including Teaching Assistants. If concerns are still evident after half a term of targeted support the teacher will complete a referral in partnership with parents and the pupil.

The referral process is designed to highlight key areas of concern and will reveal specific targets for intervention. Targets for progress will be implemented over a four week cycle and monitored closely by the class teacher. A review, discussed with parents and the pupil, will be arranged at the end of the four week block. The outcome of this will either mean that the child is placed on the Academy’s Special Educational Needs Register or will cease to be monitored as areas for development have been successfully addressed.

Pupils placed on the SEND Register will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This will identify small step targets to support pupil progress. If after the review of the second IEP there are still concerns, the SENDCO will consult with an appropriate outside agency or specialist provider to gain further advice and support to address individual needs.

Throughout the process parents will be regularly updated and involved to enable us to build strong partnerships and a holistic view of the child. Home learning activities will be shared to ensure consistency of approach and the opportunity for rehearsal and practice to consolidate learning in school.

At different stages of development it is not uncommon for pupils to need additional support so please do not worry unnecessarily if your child is identified as having additional needs, as we will always keep you fully informed about what progress is being made and ways in which you can help.

For further information please see the attached documents to support your knowledge of SEND at Bursar Primary Academy.