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These are the 2018-2019 Playground Buddies.

Peer Mediators know as “Playground Buddies”

We are Buddies and Buddy Helper’s.  We are in Year 5 and have been selected after successfully completing the Buddy training programme.  We are now trained to help other pupils throughout the school   So that we can be easily identified on the playground we wear red and orange Caps.  Red if you are a Buddy and orange if you are a Buddy Helper.

Our Role

We are here to respect, support and listen to anyone that needs help.  The best place to stand if you need help is at the “Buddy Bus Stop.”  This is on the playground for everyone to see.  When someone stands at the bus stop a Buddy will ask them if they would like some assistance.  Some of the things we might help with are:

  • Finding someone a friend to play with
  • Playing a game and helping set the rules
  • Sorting out minor fallouts between friends

Buddies need to be good listeners.  We listen to the problem and then help pupils to listen to each other.  This helps them to understand how each other is feeling.  Buddies will not give advice or decide who is to blame.  We will support pupils through the meeting and listen carefully.  After we have listened to the problem we will decide how we can help.  It might be to tell a teacher or perhaps it is something we can help with ourselves.  We always encourage pupils to decide how they want to make things better.  This will help them in the future if it happens again.