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Wednesday 19th July - 9am

We feel privileged to have had the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire visit Bursar Primary Academy today. We gave him a friendly Bursar welcome and he kindly answered questions posed by the school councillors. Have a look at the questions asked and his responses below:

1. How did you become Mayor?

He was nominated by council groups and votes took place. He was then elected for Mayor.

2. How do you balance your personal life with your busy job?

He has had an event to attend every weekend since he was elected on the 18th of May 2017. He has flexible Mayor Time so he can have a personal life, looking after his animals and pond.

3. What do your clothes represent?

The Mayor wears civic robes with either a Cleethorpes or Grimsby chain. As mayor, he wears a black hat and the deputy mayor wears a silver hat. His robe was made in 1936. Ceremonial robes are worn for special occasions.

 4. What are your most favourite jobs to do as mayor?

Attending engagements; he can meet lots of different people and enjoy the food!

5. What do all your medals represent? Which one are you most proud of?

He has many service medallions. He is most proud of the long service medal (28 years in the British Army).

6. Would you like to be the Mayor anywhere else in the world?

Bermuda, as he has heard great things about it from his friend.

7. What do you think the most important issues in North East Lincolnshire are?

To increase employment.

8. How long have you been the mayor of North East Lincolnshire for?

Since May 18th 2017

9. What do you hope to accomplish in North East Lincolnshire this coming year?

To talk to young people across North East Lincolnshire and educate them about the role of the mayor.