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Bursar Academy School Council

The School Council

At Bursar we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our pupils. The School Council ensures that pupils are fully represented and that their opinions are heard and taken seriously.
The council is made up of pupils who are elected to become councillors by their classmates.


Representatives are elected by their classes at the start of each school year. Every class elects two members to represent them (except EY2).

Councillors have regular minuted meetings to discuss matters that are important to the pupils in their classes, as well as whole school matters.

The School Councillor's Role

The role of a school councillor is an important one. They should be able to listen carefully to their classmates and fellow councillors and discuss ideas carefully and sensibly.

Councillors are responsible for the ongoing process of collecting the general thoughts and ideas of the children in their class and reporting back to the weekly meetings. They bring ideas forward such as how improvements can be made within our school and local community which are discussed, acted upon, and implemented where possible.

Sometimes councillors attend the meetings with ideas for fundraising for the school, and for local, National and International charities.

The School Council is used effectively as a means of identifying what the children’s opinions are on a variety of different aspects of school life.